Bomber 1.0

Bomberman clone for your Pocket PC


  • Faithful recreation of the original format
  • Ridiculously addictive
  • High scores board


  • Graphically weak
  • Not game options

Very good

Super Bomberman was always one of my favorite Super Nintendo titles and many a Sunday was wasted trying to blast my way through all the levels.

Bomber is a clone of the program for your mobile and recreates the excitement and adrenaline of the original well. In case you're not aware of the game, your mission is to put bombs down next to rocks in order to blast through them and pass through.

Once you've planted a bomb you'll need to run away though or you'll get a nasty burn. There are a series of aliens on each level that you need to destroy in order to progress to the next stage.

Again, you'll lose a life if you touch them, so get that bomb down next to them and run for your life.

The graphics in Bomber aren't exactly brilliant.

In fact, they're quite blocky, the characters are a little slow and the explosion effects are a bit weedy. I liked the aliens' expression when they get blasted though.

There aren't a great deal of options in the game either, aside from a high scores table and an extremely limited Help menu.

All this aside, it's impossible not to love this game and it's unique gameplay will have you running back for more time and again.

Bomber is a game based on the classic Bomberman series. You must set bombs and run away from them in order to blow up rocks. Your mission is to destroy the aliens by planting bombs next to them before running off.



Bomber 1.0

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